September 14, 2017

2017 Home Project List: Checking In

At the beginning of the year I shared our 2017 Home Project List. Since it is already September (can you believe it?!) I wanted to check in and share how things are going. If you are wanting a small tour of our home, I shared a little tour and thoughts on designing a peaceful home on Style Mutt Home.

1- Adding a master bathroom to make a master suite- The biggest project of the year was finished first and we love it! You can see sneak peeks of it here.  
2- Hemming curtains- The easiest project on the list yet it hasn’t even been touched…this could be the month!
3- Refinishing our living room chairs- These are halfway finished…you can see how they are looking on this post.
4- Built-ins flanking the fireplace- There are no plans right now for our built-ins to make their grand appearance. So 2018 may be the year 😉
5- Create a cozy, peaceful master bedroom environment-Our room is far from where I’d like it to be, but when it is clean I will say it is peaceful. Isn’t it terrible that bedrooms usually get the short end of the stick?!
6- Build a pantry out of old water heater closet-  This was not only a project I loved but I learned so much from working on the pantry. It was also a milestone for me as I’ve dreamt of working with The Home Depot for years!

Projects that I didn’t write down but we’ve tackled anyways..

Plantation Shutters in the kitchen and dining room- Our kitchen and dining room windows have been bare for years and I have always dreamed of beautiful plantation shutters. Looking at the cost, I figured it would be another few years until we got shutters and then I remembered the Habitat for Humanity Restore in town. I searched for months to find some that would fit and I finally came across the perfect set for a steal! 
Tiling the kitchen wall– Have you ever made a bold decision knowing you could change it later on? That is how I felt about our black kitchen wall. It took me a while to love it, then I loved it, now I think it is just too dark. At the back of my mind I just knew the wall was meant to be full subway tile. I’m so happy with the result!
Removing the TV- I never intended on sharing this since it was a personal decision but a few months ago we sold our TV and Xbox and it has been amazing. I’m sharing it here because it has changed our living room plans quite a bit as well as our daily lives. We still watch shows here and there on our computer, but not having a TV has freed up so much time for reading and working on other projects. 
This does mean our mantle is very bare, so I am excited to decorate it for the holidays!

What projects have you tackled this year? 

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